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About Us


We live in a time when the handbag has become the ultimate statement piece for women. We love to flaunt our bags- big or small, don’t we all? The most basic thing to remember is to carry the bag that best suits the occasion. Always keep in mind that a right bag can make up for a bad outfit. It never lets you go wrong.

Desi Drama Queen bags are fusion of contemporary styling combined with Indian textiles and surface techniques. The vibrant colour play matched with embellishments like beadwork, zardozi, patchwork, etc makes sure that the bags stand out with subtlety. With a wide variety of products like sling bags, bucket bags, tote bags, clutches, trays, wall arts and jewelry, we also work towards theme based editions and signature styles every now and then.

It’s everything Desi It’s simple, by an Indian, crafted in India. But there is a twist in our Desiness. We have added some (read a lot of) drama to it. Ohohohohoho! We are the Butter chicken of Bags. Now you know what we mean? If bags were defined as cuisines, we’d be Mughlai.

Oh we forgot to tell you about the Queen, the Drama Queen. An accessory designer by qualification, and an expert in fashion and lifestyle accessories by experience, with all her heart in handbags, Krishma Bhagat culminated her passion for handcrafted fashion accessories and the love for pop art and created this label in 2013.

She does believe in retail therapy and advices that if you feel the urge to shop but are feeling fat, then you can buy a bag and it will always fit, whereas clothes and shoes are very figure-dependent.